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Why would I need a personal injury attorney?

An excellent personal injury lawyer will advise you whether you need to hire someone on your case or whether you can proceed on your own. Most of the time, the issue isn’t an issue of competency on the injured person. The problem is the insurance companies’ truthfulness as they handle a claim, especially if it’s the person’s insurance that caused the injury. These folks will most likely attempt to minimize the injuries and ask questions designed to trap the injured person into answering questions that should not be answered. Most people don’t realize when dealing with insurance companies that they are dealing with a very corrupt system. A lawyer experienced in personal injury will know how to protect the injured person from unscrupulous insurance companies and proceed intelligently to maximize the recovery an injured person should receive.

Is litigation necessary in a personal injury case?

Once the insurance company has evaluated the case and has made an offer of settlement the lawyer will advise the injured person whether the offer is fair and equitable taking into consideration lots of factors that include present and future medical expenses, life changing physical and mental limitations, loss wages and other factors. All these together will determine if litigation is necessary. usually in around eighty (80 %) percent of the cases litigation is necessary because the insurance company has grossly and unfairly evaluated the injury claim.

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What do I need to determine when choosing a personal injury lawyer?

Choosing a personal injury lawyer is one of the most important decisions an injured person determines. First, seek to meet with the lawyer personally. Determine if you are a good fit. Besides possessing a thorough understanding of injury law, a personal injury attorney should also have ample experience in the difficulties an injured person endures on a day-to-day basis and the life change difficulties that occur during these traumatic events. Seek to receive the attention you need, and your questions are answered timely. Most of the time, a personal injury case is accepted by a zealous lawyer, and the case then languishes with no timely information given on significant stages of the case process. Therefore, at first communication with the lawyer’s staff and the lawyer should provide prospective injured people with a good first impression.

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How long does a personal injury case take?

The answer to this question depends mostly on the severity of the injury, the time it takes to get through treatment, and the value placed on the case by the insurance company. If the treatment takes months and months, with no other necessities such as surgeries or other pain invasive procedures, the case will proceed at the treatment pace. Once the treatment is complete, the personal injury lawyer will send a written demand that will trigger specific deadlines. At this stage, the insurance company’s evaluation will determine if the case will need to proceed to litigation. In short, this answer depends on many factors. Typically, most injury cases are not quickly concluded.

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