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Why would I need a family law attorney?

There are plenty of family law attorneys, which makes the selection process a difficult one. First, there are components in a family law case that are unique to family law. Seek in-person consultations and take notes. Child custody, child support, divorces, and Suits affecting children can vary significantly. Therefore, it is essential to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to advise how to prepare and proceed. The advice may include preparatory tactics, procedures specific to family law cases, what to do and not to do, and proper conduct and readiness in these types of suits.

What are some questions to ask when choosing a family law attorney?

Ask if the lawyer is knowledgeable in family law and inquire on how many cases have successful outcomes. If the results in some cases were not successful, ask as to why. What percentage of that lawyer’s caseload is composed of family law cases (in the event the lawyer handles various cases). Ask what would be the most important considerations in the type of case you have or are seeking to file? Ask about the legal community’s experience level and knowledge as it pertains to your case and the length of time the case may require.

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How do I choose a family law attorney?

The main questions have to do with the comfort level you have with the lawyer. Family law is a branch of law that requires a degree of confidential, sensitive, and personal information crucial and key in family law cases. The family law attorney may ask uncomfortable questions that may require you to reveal lots of sensitive and embarrassing details about your personal life. Therefore, determine if the family lawyer is comfortable in asking these questions and without judgment. Look for the non-verbal response. Determine if you and the lawyer would make a good fit through this transitory period in life.

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