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Why would I need a criminal defense attorney?

Most people need lawyers to oversee their constitutional rights in most criminal cases and make sure law enforcement does not overreach their authority. This issue cannot be over-emphasized as more and more people answer questions or provide information that becomes a key piece of evidence against the accused. Also, providing what a person deems “safe” information to law enforcement is often an egregious error. Sometimes law enforcement may approach an individual seeking only “investigative” information, and the law enforcement officer may be “nice as pie.” Later, it is discovered that the provided implicates that person in a serious crime. It is safe and a constitutional right to politely say to the law enforcement personnel, “I don’t answer questions, I invoke my right to remain silent, and I invoke my right to my attorney.” At this point, the law enforcement personnel may try to coerce a statement through threats of incarceration or other distasteful common tactics. In most cases, it is perfectly ok to remain silent. Then diligently seek the professional advice of an experienced attorney.

How do I choose a criminal defense attorney?

Choosing a criminal defense attorney is very important as these sorts of situations can change the course of your future and your livelihood. Make sure to obtain a person-to-person consultation with the lawyer so that he can answer any questions you may have about the case or your situation. See how much time is devoted to you in your consultation. Determine the experience and knowledgeability of the type of criminal case and the familiarity with the prosecution and the judges. Be wary of any lawyer “promising” a particular outcome because that is nearly impossible to do without seeing the proposed evidence in your case.

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What are some questions to ask when choosing a criminal defense attorney?

One of the main questions that must be answered is how familiar the lawyer is with the type of criminal charge and how that particular lawyer would proceed in your kind of case. There are many ways to gauge a criminal case. There are uncorrectable errors in judgment. Therefore, a strategic approach is critical in criminal cases, considering the background of the investigative officer, the likelihood of witness statement, the sitting judge’s past assessment on the severity of these cases, the assigned court, the prosecutor, and the background of the accused.

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How do I assure I will have a strong defense against pending criminal charges?

The lawyer’s experience, reputation, understanding of the law, and the charges are significantly necessary. The lawyer and the accused are a team forging forward against insurmountable giants. Therefore, being involved in the critical steps in a criminal case and understanding the weaknesses and the strengths of the case are vital in amassing a strong defense.

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