Madi Coakley

Madeleine “Madi” Coakley joined the Frank Cimino Law Firm in January 2016.  She has an associate degree in paralegal studies from Savannah Technical College. Madi grew up in Chesterfield, VA, the youngest of three siblings. Madi is a warrior with the strength to overcome odds that could reach college texts books.  During her preteen years she began using heavy drugs.  For five years she was severely addicted to heroin and for three years she was addicted to methamphetamines. Her addiction spiraled to levels of depravity, which eventually led her to face legal battles. After two unsuccessful attempts at rehab, she moved to Oklahoma where she continued to battle addiction and depression. During a moment of lucidity while expecting her second child, Madi began to consciously accept love and support from her family.  This was the turning point in her life. She began to see her struggle with addiction as a need to feel the trauma and hurt that was buried deep within her. Madi then began to use her talent as an organizer and a survivor to help others defeat the clenches of addiction and depression. She represented her school at the EAGLE (Exceptional Adult Georgian Literacy Education) awards in Atlanta, and she was recognized as a Savannah Community Star. While working towards her degree, she volunteered at Georgia Legal Services where countless of lives have been touched by her story. Madi is also active locally as a peer mentor helping children to stay on the straight and narrow. She is a public speaker on issues of addiction, empowerment, overcoming adversity, and liberation from toxic behaviors and circumstances.  She is an exceptional asset to the community and a precious gift to The Frank Cimino Law Firm.