john_300x500John Saygidia

John Saygidia is a United States Marine Corp Veteran, with a decorated history of accomplishing mission after mission.  He is a devoted father and husband to Maribel Saygidia for over 23 years.  During a family tragedy, John became involved in personal injury law in 2012 at The Law Offices of Ezequiel Reyna Jr. in McAllen, Texas.  He found it fascinating and intriguing – the counter-intuitive games insurance companies use to exploit victims of serious automobile accidents in order to pay them as little as possible.  John has made it his mission to help clients with their personal injuries employing his years of military service along with his business experience to unravel the tricks used by the insurance industry.  John has successfully helped hundreds of people through very difficult and trying times by use of his tenacity and thorough understanding of the pitfalls involved in personal injury law.  His involvement with The Frank Cimino Law Firm is a calling that John takes very seriously and with great enthusiasm.