Frank Cimino

Born in Santiago, Chile – during the Pinochet dictatorship, life began with the distinct sound of tanks clanking through the streets of Santiago.  During martial law curfew, his father risked his life to buy food in the black market as a way to feed the family.  The family tragedy became the grim reality of the nature of civil unrest in a country riddled with political instability, as his young cousin Suzanalay dead at three years old in the morgue from a bullet that penetrated her little chest while playing innocently with the next-door neighbor.  The lack of due process, the lack of human rights, and the lack of accountability made him very aware of the injustice that prays on the innocent, the unsophisticated, and the unprepared. Frank’s life’s mission has been to recognize and uplift people and communities that have historically been forsaken and deserted. As an activist and musician armed with the understanding of U.S constitutional Law and international law, he frequently travels abroad to places like Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and other countries in central and South America that have been plagued with violence towards people and children to share the message of peace and non-violent means of dispute resolution.   He is co-founder along with friend and partner Brandon Hess of Free Your Soul Music and Free Your Soul foundation – where both Cimino and Hess redirect funds and resources to communities where sustainable programs are established and supported.  He occupies his time as an avid speaker on topics that deal with healing the human soul and bringing awareness to the value of each human’s authentic creativity. Frank served as a paramedic in the Texas Army National Guard for eight years and received his bachelors in Business Administration from Mary Hardin Baylor and a Master’s in Business Administration from Texas A&M and a Jurist Doctorate Degree from Texas Tech University.  He is a member of the Federal Western and Southern Districts of Texas, The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Fort Hood Bar Association.