Entertainment and Business Law

Regarded as an innovative force in the creative industry, The Frank Cimino Law Firm provides creative legal advice on creative businesses models for individuals seeking to advance humanitarian causes through the implementation of innovation and sustainability. We provide our clients with professional ideas and advice for practical solutions that build communities by redistributing business resources to areas of global attention.

Our mission is to advise clients on legal matters, freeing them to pursue creative business platforms that ensure security and understanding of social and humanitarian responsibility and conscious organizational growth and development. We simplify complex matters, confusion, and uncertainty.

We have a deep appreciation and understanding of creativity and the process of resolving human suffering through the creative process. We develop long-term, integral relationships with communities, our clients, and socially responsible organizations that seek to better the future of our children.  In this regard, our firm has a strong concentration on community building and education having extensive experience with non-profit and for-profit music and arts-related organizations.


Attorney Frank Cimino is a composer, artist, and has devoted his life to the empowerment of individuals and their communities through the creative arts.  Partners with recording artist and producer Brandon Hess – Cimino and Hess have co-founded Free Your Soul Music and Free Your Soul Foundation.  These organizations channel resources from the creative endeavors of various artists in collaboration- passing the message of living in a consciously social planet – their creation and community building benefits communities where sustainable programs are established and supported.

The Frank Cimino Law Firm represents artists in various music styles and genres.  Clients may include local, national and international recording and performing artists, songwriters, record companies, managers, producers, engineers, recording studios, licensing and merchandise companies, promoters, music venues and bars, publicity and booking agencies, and ticket agencies, major and independent label distribution submissions and television song placement.  Services related to the entertainment industry include contract drafting, contract review and negotiation, corporate formation (including LLC’s and non-profit organizations), trademark and copyright registrations, domain name or trademark disputes, wills and estates, licensing, and dispute resolution, band partnership agreements, publishing and composer deals, master use and synchronization deals, management and producer agreements, artwork and design agreements, copyright transfers and licensing, music estates and will issues involving intellectual property assets, option agreements, copyright research for archival and commercial purposes.  Clients are carefully chosen and supported.