Criminal Defense and Constitutional Law

When a person is charged with a crime, law enforcement officials, the courts, the prosecutor, and the presiding judge have a strict responsibility to ensure that federal and state constitutions are upheld and that criminal procedures are followed to constitutional standards.  Our firm commitment and duty to our clients and to our legal system is to ensure that all constitutional safeguards are upheld and that each area of the investigation, questioning, data gathering, and charging instruments have not violated constitutional safeguards.  Our combined experience makes our legal team a notable force against most criminal prosecutions.  We gather a team of lawyers on most cases that collaboratively – foster a creative analysis of the case ensuring thorough legal representation.  We encourage anyone contacted by any law enforcement agency or charged with a crime to immediately contact our offices.  Areas of criminal constitutional defense include:

  • Federal and State criminal charges
  • Drug related criminal charges
  • Driving While Intoxicated & Under the Influence
  • Assaults and Family violence criminal charges
  • Weapon related criminal charges