Welcome to our webpage – If you’re here you probably are dealing with a difficult situation and would rather not be here. I understand a frustrating situation wasn’t what you wanted for yourself or your loved one. I hope to provide you with advice that will help you through this time in your life whether I help you personally or guide you to someone that can help you. Simply, I want the best for you.

My name is Frank Cimino and I have handled a multiplicity of cases and complicated legal issues in over fifteen years of legal practice throughout the state of Texas. I currently practice in the areas of Personal Injury Law including car accidents, insurance claims, wrongful death and medical malpractice as well as Civil litigation and Criminal Defense in state and federal courts. I have handled an array of issues in DWI cases as well as possession cases. If you’re not sure about the type of case you have – give me a call. I’d like to meet you in person if all possible.

My commitment to you is simple – I will dedicate the diligence, care, and time and keep you informed of your case at significant steps of the legal process. If for some reason I don’t feel I’m a good fit for your case or our personalities, I will guide you in the direction of someone that can help you. My promise is to be honest and candid with you at all times. Lawyers are the keepers of their community – I strive to provide you with an inspiring standard of legal care and hope you receive the smoothest transition through this time in your life. Blessings.

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